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BCA-clinic and BCA-lab on tour!

 This autumn is again very active. Many conferences and fairs on “Borreliosis and co-infections” will take place. We will be participating with lectures and stands:

1. Oktober 2016

Tick-borne Diseases Symposium 2016 / Vis-a-Vis Symposium, London, Great Britain

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8. Oktober 2016

A Critical Understanding of Lyme Disease & Associated Co-Infections, Regenerus Labs, London, Great Britain

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3. – 5. Oktober 2016

International Conference on Infectious Disease & Diagnostic Microbiology, Vancouver, Canada

15. -16. Oktober 2016

17th Annual Scientific Conference (Lyme Disease Association), St. Paul, USA

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24. Oktober 2016

Chronimed BENELUX, Belgium, Louvain-La-Neuve, Aula Magna, university site

Lyme & chronic diseases: where are we now?

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