The BCA-clinic is located close to the city centre of Augsburg.

Travelling by train
When arriving at the Augsburg Central Station, you can take a smaller, regional train (leaving every 15 minutes) to station Augsburg Morellstrasse (2 minutes journey).  It will take approximately one minute to walk from Augsburg Morellstrasse to the BCA-clinic on Morellstrasse 33 (Bernhard Müller Bürowelt).

Travelling by tram from the Ausburg Central Station
Take the Tram No. 3 from the Central Station (in the direction of Königsplatz / Haunstetten Inninger Strasse), alighting at the next stop, Königsplatz.
At Königsplatz station go to Platform B and take Tram No. 1 (destination Göggingen), alighting at the second stop, Kongresshalle.  The BCA-clinic is a five-minute walk from here.

Hotels in Augsburg
Various hotels are located in close proximity to the BCA-clinic:

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