Performance Therapy

In the majority of cases, chronic Lyme disease can be successfully treated through long-term therapy. Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, head of BCA-clinic, has 20 years of experience in the area of tick-borne diseases (including Lyme disease) and chronic infections during which his clinic has developed holistic, multimodal therapy methods.

These methods follow the ILADS guidelines (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) and the recommendations of the Deutsche Borreliose-Gesellschaft e.V. They are also based on the extensive experience of all participating doctors in the BCA-clinic.

Each patient receives an individual therapy plan according to their detected infections. This can contain a combination of different antibiotics and antimalarials.

The main element of the therapy is a high-dose antibiotic treatment, which will be supervised by the doctor. The aim is to reduce the number of pathogens and/or to destroy them. At the same time, the patient’s immune system should be strengthened so that it can deal well with future infections. When dealing with chronically ill patients, we insist on fundamental health changes in their everyday life in order to reduce chronic inflammations and strengthen their immune systems.

Another important component of our therapy is aimed at reducing the possible side-effects of antibiotics, such as the administration of probiotics.

Patients who either do not want to or cannot carry out antibiotic therapy (e.g. due to intolerance, allergy or poor blood values) receive alternative naturopathic treatment regimens.

Detailed information on the procedure and the possibilities can be found here.

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