In the majority of cases, chronic Lyme disease (Link) can be successfully combated by long-term treatment.

Drawing on 20+ years of experience in the field of Lyme disease, Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, MD PhD and Medical and Executive Director of the BCA-clinic, has developed a holistic therapy approach to treat patients suffering from tick-borne diseases (including Lyme disease) and other chronic infections.

The therapy methods used at the BCA-clinic follow ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) guidelines, the recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society as well drawing on the extensive experience of clinic’s own doctors.


The therapy concept consists of three pillars:

  1. Therapy of the infection
  2. Therapy of inflammation
  3. Therapy of the mostly weakened immune system


Each patient receives an individual therapy plan according to the infections that are detected.

We offer alternative naturopathic treatment regimens to patients who do not wish to or cannot carry out antibiotic therapy (e.g. due to intolerance, allergies or poor blood test results).

In addition, we offer probiotic supplements to reduce the side-effects of antibiotics and we recommend that our patients follow a simple, healthy diet and lifestyle.

The aim of the therapy is to completely destroy all pathogens while strengthening the patient’s immune system.

The BCA-clinic offers the following accompanying therapies:

  • Targeted nutritional supplementation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Tweeter therapy
  • Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Exercise Therapy


These therapies are part of the compact treatment.

Nutritional counselling shows patients how they have a better chance of stabilising and/or improving their weakened immune system through detoxification of the body. This can be achieved by following a predominantly alkaline diet, taking dietary supplements and ensuing a regular intake of healthy fatty acids, fish and fruit.

By working in conjunction with complementary therapies, antibiotics are more effective in killing pathogens. Oxygen therapy and the use of targeted dietary supplements can reduce the side-effects of antibiotics and compensate for previously diagnosed vitamin deficiencies.

Patients who opt for naturopathic therapy also benefit from these complementary therapies.

Patients with multiple infectious diseases often suffer from severe chronic pain caused by inflammatory reactions. Our doctors prescribe necessary painkillers as part of their pain management therapy and also offer acupuncture, TENS therapy and tweeter therapy.

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Types of Therapy


The BCA-clinic wishes to help all patients suffering from Lyme disease and co-infections, so it is important to distinguish which form of treatment each patient can receive, according to the legal regulations in their respective country.

Patients who receive treatment in the BCA-clinic

Treatment in our day clinic usually lasts at least three weeks (max. eight weeks); during this time, the patient receives the antibiotic medication from the BCA-clinic and the private practice, as well as all necessary check-ups.

The check-ups include blood tests (blood count, liver values, electrolytes, kidney values), ECG and, if necessary, an ultrasound of the abdominal organs. This is to detect any potential complications and side-effects of the antibiotic therapy at the earliest possible stage.

After their stay, the patients continue their therapy according to their individual therapy plan along with regular checks with the clinic.


Patients who carry out the treatment at home with their GP

Patients can choose to receive a therapy plan from the BCA-clinic and carry out their therapy with their General Practitioner. The GP will prescribe the recommended medication, carry out regular general check-ups (see above) and offer support for the patient. The GP therefore assumes full responsibility for the course of the therapy, although the BCA-clinic is also happy to offer support and consultation.

Although the therapy will be carried out at home, It makes sense to continue the specific laboratory tests (EliSpots, CD57-NK cells) in the BCA-clinic; this is due to better comparability, since other laboratories will use different reference ranges and different procedures.

Patients can begin antibiotic therapy at the BCA-clinic and then continue with a GP at home

A popular choice is for patients to begin antibiotic therapy in the BCA-clinic and then continue it at home with their GP. The GP must prescribe the medication recommended in the therapy plan, carry out the regular examinations (see above) and support the patient throughout the treatment. This means that they will assume full responsibility for the course of the therapy; however, the BCA-clinic offers an advisory service for doctors who are supporting the patients with this therapy.

Patients who choose naturopathic therapy

Patients who either do not wish or are physically unable to carry out the antibiotic therapy can opt for a naturopathic alternative.

This can also be carried out (or started) in the Augsburg day clinic with a special Compact Treatment Program.

Specific laboratory test (EliSpots, CD57-NK cells) will be required every four to six months.

This is an alternative for patients who do not receive any support from a GP or specialist at home.

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