The diagnosis is based on an extensive anamnesis, in which the concrete complaints and the previous history are recorded and evaluated. This includes a physical examination and special laboratory tests, which are carried out by BCA-clinic and BCA-lab under one roof. The laboratory diagnosis is very important for the proof of a possible infection with Borrelia or other co-infections.


“After 14 years of being ill, I finally found the answer to my most important question: What do I have?” (Fleur, October 2018)


The BCA-clinic laboratory, BCA-lab, specializes in tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease and possible co-infections) as well as the spectrum of chronic inflammations and possible immune defence disorders.

The validity of the Borrelia test procedures is assessed differently worldwide (see also Our opinion & studies). The test results can therefore vary greatly from laboratory to laboratory and should always be carried out in the same laboratory for better comparability.

Our laboratory has been accredited by the DAkkS since 14.10.2013. In accordance with the legal requirements, the laboratory is comprehensively tested in the field of medical laboratory diagnostics in the fields of immunology, microbiology and virology. Accreditation certificate and annexes.

For many years, the EliSpot has been a reliable test on a cellular level for the determination of an infection with Borrelia or with other different co-pathogens. This first generation of the enzymatic EliSpots (in combination with the determination of CD3 and CD57 NK cells) provides important additional information about the infections.

We were able to improve and further develop this test. The new EliSpot, the so-called LymeSpot, provides even more detailed information on the activity of the infection and possible inflammation. In addition, the new test can differentiate whether an active or latent infection is present. This makes it possible for the first time to evaluate infection, inflammation and autoimmune processes simultaneously.


Determination of antibodies
Immunoblot (Westernblot)
Elispot/ Lymespot revised
Flow-through cytometry

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