Fleur, 26.10.2018Marleen, Netherlands, October 2018Newton, USA, 27.7.2018Sylvia, Netherlands and Romania, July 2018Carl, June 2018Bryce, Australien 4.5.18S., Südafrika und Großbritannien, 2.2.2018Britta, Niederlande, 26.01.2018Petra, the Netherlands, 19.12.2017C, France, 22.09.2017Michelle, United Kingdom, 21.09.2017Christian F., Switzerland, 18.08.2017Valentine T., France, 17.03.2017Ilse van G., Netherlands, 02.03.2017Sandrine, France, 17.02.2017Jean F., France, 23.09.2016S.K. aus Australien, Juni 2015Renee S., 21.04.18Ondrej S., 13.4.2018Carl, March 2018A. Romania, 9.3.2018S. South Africa and Great Britain, 2.2.2018
Dear BCA patient colleagues After 9 weeks in the BCA clinic my time has come to leave (for the time being). I have mixed feelings. I am sad to leave because I have to leave behind all the wonderful people I have met and leave the safe bladder in which I now lived, but at the same time I am happy to go home and experience a little vitality again. I have learned so much about this terrible disease during my time here and it has been an honor to hear all the different stories from all the patients. Even if we are all fighting the same fight, all our fights are different. But we find ourselves in the same symptoms we experience; the same painful neurological difficulties. After 14 years of being sick, I finally found the answer to my most important question: "What do I have that makes me so sick? For years I have been travelling the world and seeing the best doctors there are. But nobody could give me an answer. And now, for 10 weeks, I know. I always thought if I had the answer to my most important questions, it would somehow be okay and I would be cured immediately. But now I know that is not the case. Once you have started this program in BCA, there is no way back. You have to finish it. There will be moments when you cry, when you don't want to go on, when you are tired of illness and life. Or maybe if you think that you will die because you feel very bad and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or if you think that you will never get better because the road seems endless. We all have these moments. I had those moments many times while I was here. But every time I had those moments, I thought, "My whole life can be described in one sentence: "It's as planned, it's fine". Part of the beauty of life is that not everything is planned. That there are so many unknowns. Nothing is guaranteed, but you have to live. You can't just go through life, you really have to accept it and follow it. You have to accept life and you have to accept this disease in your body. The healing of Lyme and her co-infections is not just about filling the body with antibiotics. It's about changing your lifestyle. It's about changing physically, mentally and spiritually. God gives His strongest soldiers His hardest battles, and He has chosen us. I know that this disease will lead me to my purpose in life and it will lead me to a far greater path than I ever imagined. I think that counts for everyone here. There are three things that will help you heal from this disease: Knowledge, believers and positivity. I know that I am not a doctor, but in the deepest vein of my body I can feel that I will feel better. I know and I trust that I will feel better. It will be a long way and tits won't be easy (I've experienced this before because I've mostly suffered all my time here) but changes will happen and everything will be fine. And I will smile all the way because I know how happy I am to be there. Think about the "law of attraction", read books, listen to advice and make it your own. Everyone's path is different, but you have to be prepared to work hardest, otherwise it won't happen. Please remember that every time you go through a hard time with this disease, it will be so blessed (all BCA patients) that it's lucky to be there. There are millions of people at work who do not know what they have or do not have the means to afford this treatment at BCA. We are just one of the lucky few. And can you imagine how wonderful that must be? With much love, positivity and strength: I wish you all the best in your healing and believe that you will overcome it.
Fleur, 26.10.2018
Dear BCA-clinic I'm so glad I came here. Many thanks for everything! When I came here, I was sitting in a wheelchair.... I was paralyzed on both legs and one arm. I had headaches every day and comas. The treatment here went with highs and lows, but in my 7th week I could start running again (trying). You helped me so much and I feel so much better. I still have a long way to go, but my first steps have been made because of the treatment from the BCA clinic. I can't thank you enough.
Marleen, Netherlands, October 2018
As a parent of a child with Lyme and co-infections, you constantly research and find out how to help your child while worried and confused. What a relief to find a place that has treated so many people and knows what they are doing! I hope that the wider medical community (and health policy) will soon catch up with the BCA! So many people are affected. Thank you, Céline and Petra, for getting us to the door so quickly and so easily. And thank you Petra for always going beyond that. Thank you, Olga, for happily following our schedule in the first week! Many thanks to Olga and Jessica who took care of our son so professionally and attentively. We appreciate the special care in making appointments with the doctor, it made a big difference both physically and mentally. Thank you for doing so well for many things. Your explanation of why exercise is so important in treating Lyme was the best I have ever heard. Your nutrition talk was so meaningful in this world of bad diets and pseudo-sciences and "sound bite" news when it came to food. What a relief! You also have a very good opportunity to encourage people when exercise might be difficult. Dr. Nicolaus, thank you for your professional commitment to this disease. I am impressed by the time you have taken to go through my son's records and am especially grateful for your encouraging words. So, many thanks from my husband and myself to the entire BCA team. We arrived here quite tired with frayed nerves and your self-confident care was not only for our son but also for us medicine.
Newton, USA, 27.7.2018
A year with various symptoms and tons of doctors and tests in Romania and the Netherlands reduced my self-confidence, my strength and hope for almost no.... from a happy, optimistic girl to a sad, "inanimate" Lyme...... Looking back, I felt that the hardest part had already passed; yes, you would say that the hardest part has just begun, since all my symptoms are back and I have to fight harder this time. But the trust and support I received here at BCA has rebuilt my personality. I am very grateful that this clinic exists. For this reason, and thanks to the doctors, nurses and the Make Well team, I dream again of travelling, working, boredom, seeing life as it is, wonderful..... Thank you all for being here when Lyme is struck and nobody else stays or supports us. To all who read this and doubtful future: Everything will be fine, it is only a question of time, be patient, be courageous, be strong!
Sylvia, Netherlands and Romania, July 2018
Thanks again for taking care of me for the last six weeks. You were fantastic. I really appreciate it. To all patients: You are in the right place with the right people treating you. I thank you all Bryce, Australia 4.5.18 I would like to thank you for the treatment I have received here over the past 5 weeks. You snoopers are really amazing. "Keep saving lives", you are doing a great job and I am eternally grateful to you. All the best
Carl, June 2018
Ich möchte Ihnen für die Behandlung danken, die ich hier in den letzten 5 Wochen erhalten habe. Das BCA-Team ist wirklich erstaunlich. "Rettet weiterhin Leben", ihr macht einen tollen Job und ich bin euch ewig dankbar.
Bryce, Australien 4.5.18
Der Weg zur Klinik in Augsburg war lang und emotional. Der Mangel an Unterstützung in Großbritannien war frustrierend. Meine Erfahrung hier dafür umso erstaunlicher. Herzlichen Dank an das gesamte Team ("you make my day") für eure Unterstützung, Anleitung und Liebe. In 10 Jahren erinnern Sie sich vielleicht nicht mehr an uns. Aber jeder von uns wird sich an Sie erinnern und was Sie während dieser 3 Wochen für mich getan haben.
S., Südafrika und Großbritannien, 2.2.2018
Wir sind euch allen sehr dankbar für die wunderbare Unterstützung während der dreiwöchigen Behandlung meiner Tochter. Das gesamte Personal ist so freundlich und hilfsbereit und trotz der Höhen und Tiefen, die die Kranken mit sich bringen, gibt es deutliche Verbesserungen! Zwei unserer Familienmitglieder kommen mit den oralen Antibiotika wirklich gut zurecht. Meine Tochter brauchte eine IV-Behandlung, um ihre Symptome unter Kontrolle zu bringen, und die Behandlung hat genau das getan. Auf diese Weise endlich Hilfe für diese schreckliche Krankheit zu erhalten, wenn niemand im eigenen Land mehr helfen kann – hier gibt es nicht genug Worte, um dafür zu danken.
Britta, Niederlande, 26.01.2018
Dear Dr. Blehle, If you are ill, we all know that it’s necessary to visit a doctor. I never expected to be ill for so long, almost four years - but who would expect that? Also, I had never consciously thought that a doctor could play such an important role in my life. Of course, this only becomes the case when you are personally involved with an illness. Every time we talk, I am grateful that I visited the BCA-clinic in Augsburg and got to know you. It means a lot to me that you always think of me and are so vigilant. I also worked for ten years as a manager in a health centre and at BCA-clinic I actually felt homesick for my work, as I always enjoyed it. Now I'm sitting on the other side of the table and it looks different. I have deep respect for your work, how the therapy and everything else is regulated in the BCA-clinic. You are a good team. I hope that in 2018 I will improve to the point at which I can become active again. In any case, I will do everything I can to achieve this and therefore I would like to thank you - this is only possible because the BCA-clinic is always there for me and you support my treatment program. I wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck for the New Year.
Petra, the Netherlands, 19.12.2017
To the whole BCA team - I want to wish you a very big thank you for your kindness, your availability and your competence! I hope that European medical centres will be able to learn from you in the future!
C, France, 22.09.2017
We would like to share the story of how the BCA-clinic successfully treated our two sons for chronic Lyme Disease. This time last year, we had two very poorly boys who were struggling with a long list of symptoms that doctors in the UK could not diagnose. Through blood testing at BCA, we discovered that both boys had the same illness as I do, chronic Lyme Disease. Our 17-year-old was removed from school last November as he was no longer able to cope with studying for A levels, as he was suffering from chronic fatigue, brain fog and pain. Our 14-year-old was in and out of school and only managed 33% attendance for the last academic year. Both boys have never had more than one or two days off school in a whole year. Thankfully, in January this year they started treatment and we watched our boys slowly recover and their personalities reappear. Three weeks ago the eldest returned to college, is coping well with the workload, goes to the gym on his bike before school and also has the energy to socialise in the evenings. His teachers say that he is unrecognisable from this time last year and is performing at the top of his classes, just as he was before the illness took hold. He has not mentioned any of his 40 symptoms for several weeks and is due to come off treatment in a couple of weeks. Our youngest is in school all day, walks home and has restarted playing for the local football team. He still has some fatigue and brain fog, but he’s about 80% better and his treatment will continue until he too is symptom-free. We can’t thank BCA and Dr. Nicolaus enough for giving us our boys back.
Michelle, United Kingdom, 21.09.2017
After three weeks of therapy at BCA, my joints are much better! I had to search for competent doctors for a long time, during which I had a lot of bad experiences, but now here in the BCA-clinic I have found a trusted place of treatment. Many thanks to all those who have created this clinic and many thanks to all those who work here every day for patients like me!
Christian F., Switzerland, 18.08.2017
I arrived with great apprehension regarding the three-week treatment at the BCA-clinic but I am leaving happier than ever! I arrived in a wheelchair as I couldn’t walk but after these three weeks, I am able to walk again! I would never have succeeded without the incredible medical team and the entire staff at the BCA-clinic. So, thank you for everything!
Valentine T., France, 17.03.2017
After three weeks of compact treatment, I feel so much better - really great! I arrived in a wheelchair but now I walk anywhere I want. The staff at the clinic are very nice and clear - I had a wonderful time. Returning to Holland, I have continued going to the gym and have all my medication with me, as I am continuing with ‘home treatment’. I will go on! I can do it! I’m on the right path and I feel as if everything will be okay in about one year! Thank you very much!
Ilse van G., Netherlands, 02.03.2017
I will not say "sorry" but THANK YOU. I arrived without really knowing what to expect... And then the whole staff welcomes you warmly, smiles at you, encourages you every day. Finally, you are simply taken care of. You have come to the right place. Today I am in better shape once again. I'm a person again! Thank you for this.
Sandrine, France, 17.02.2017
To everyone reading this: My name is Jeanne, I'm 17 years old. My health has been deteriorating for six years. Thanks to the BCA-clinic, the diagnosis has been made: Lyme + co-infections. I would like to thank Dr. Nicolaus and his team for their knowledge and continuous monitoring over the past three weeks. I recommend this therapy to anyone who needs it. Thank you for everything. Keep the atmosphere positive! xxx
Jean F., France, 23.09.2016
I cannot express how grateful I am for giving me the opportunity to regain my life and health. Your support and encouragement and continued belief in me has been incredible. I will be forever grateful for all that you’ve done for me and I will never forget how caring and helpful all the staff have been during my time here at BCA.
S.K. aus Australien, Juni 2015
Many thanks to the 'Dream Team' for all your support and commitment! I appreciate you taking care of my beloved brother while he was here. Keep touching life in the caring way you do! Thank you so much.
Renee S., 21.04.18
I would like to thank the whole BCA-clinc team for looking after me for these three weeks, I had a great time! Many thanks to the nurses, many thanks to Dr. Nciolaus for setting up this facility and as one of the few doctors in the EU/world who are working hard to help Lyme disease patients! Special thanks go to Make Well Nutritionals, whose members have spent a lot of time with me to patiently explain to me all the dynamics and principles of Lyme treatment, the importance of supporting the immune system and the importance of nutrition and sport in the long term! We are in!
Ondrej S., 13.4.2018
Thank you so much for taking care of me these three weeks. To all Lyme patients: Don't give up, you are in good hands.
Carl, March 2018
Many thanks for the help and support during my stay in the clinic. I found all the therapies very useful and the whole atmosphere very good so that I could concentrate on my treatment, no stress, no other activities that I could disturb. The atmosphere in the clinic is very professional and at the same time very friendly. I would like to thank the doctors and the nursing team who are all very professional. Very good nutrition class (thanks to Make Well), very good sports activity and good advice from the team. Very helpful people at the reception. I thank you all
A. Romania, 9.3.2018
Dear BCA-Team The way to the clinic in Augsburg was long and emotional. The lack of support in Britain was frustrating, but a lovely lady (Hilary Thomas) insisted on visiting the BCA. My experience was amazing, so many thanks to the whole team ("you make my day") for your support, guidance and love. IN 10 years you may not remember us, but each of us will remember you because you did for us during 3 weeks of suffering. I pray that God will continue to bless you in this amazing ministry you are doing. Thank you very much and all the best. Britta, Netherlands, 26.01.2018 We are very grateful to all of you for the wonderful support during the three weeks of my daughter's treatment, the entire staff is so friendly and helpful and despite the ups and downs that the sick bring with them, there have been significant improvements! Two of our family members are doing really well with oral antibiotics, my daughter needed IV treatment to control her symptoms, and the treatment did just that. On a larger scale, to get treatment for this terrible disease when no one in your own country can help, are no words to describe how grateful we are - thank you so much for being here for the patients who can't go anywhere else, and for fighting in their corner with them! Many, many thanks that we are so grateful.
S. South Africa and Great Britain, 2.2.2018